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    element 7 crash


      hey im new to the forum, and yes before you read on, i have read posts regarding crashing and freezing, but mine isnt the same.


      While editing my footage (m2ts files), i have absolutely no lag, no errors/crashes, while editing the film.  Once my movie goes over 2:30 seoncds long, and i try to render it and save it, as any type of file, my computer completely shuts off when the file is 50%-70% rendered.


      I am running everthing on vista 64 bit ultimate, i have two 9800 gx2 graphics card, 4gb ram, 500gb hard drive, and a quad core processor.  Im sure its some sort of compatibilty issue, but i dont know because i dont even get an error message.  My comp just shuts off.  If anyone has any idea or troubleshooting ideas, please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.


      Below is a link to the stuff im editing, i dont think its too much





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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If your computer is shutting down, then there are three likely causes:


          1.) overheating (especially with dual-vidcards, this would definitely be my first thought)

          2.) powersupply cannot handle the load (same for dual-vidcards)

          3.) MoBo issues, or RAM issues


          First thing that I'd do would be to download and install Speedfan. Monitor your temps closely. Depending on the number of sensors your system has, you should get a good idea of what is happening, and pretty much in real time. If you do not have every possible fan location loaded with a high capacity fan, you might want to think about investing in some. With dual-vidcards, a liquid cooling system might not be out of the question. Also, physically check that all fans on all components are functioning and are also not installed backwards.


          Next, check out your powersupply. It's likely under powered for your system.


          Then you might want to do a diagnosis on both your MoBo and also your RAM chips under heavy load. There are many utilities to do this.


          Good luck,