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    How can I make this ?

    kimikimish Level 1



      Does anyone know how to draw this or know a tutorial that teachs drawing this ?


      The grey line with oval shadow and fading from both left and right side, in the white background.



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          joombler Level 1

          I think in PhotoShop that would be more easy. What I could think of:

          1. Draw this line
          2. cut a left part
          3. and Ctrl-N, Ctrl-V to paste it in a new image.
          4. Then use the Gradient Tool to make the transition from white outer side to full line color.
          5. If you have done that, copy and paste the line back to the image you first cut it out.
          6. Then go back, flip horizontal the gradient line
          7. and copy it into the original image on the other side.


          Just thinking. There might be a more easy way to do, but this is all I know.

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            pixlor Level 4

            Actually, if you think in terms of the vector objects that would make up such an effect, it is fairly easy.


            1) Start with your oval shadow. Make an oval, any color, and give it a drop shadow.

            2) Above that in the object stack, place your grey line, set to the bottom of the oval or just below.

            3) Above that, put a white rectangle to hide the oval and the part of the shadow that is above the line.

            You will need to adjust the size of the oval and the parameters on the shadow to get it looking the way you want.

            4) Group these three objects.


            Next, add a vector mask to fade at the left and right sides.
            5) Create a rectangle that matches the width of your line and is at least as high as the line and shadow. (This should be above the group of objects.)

            6) Fill the rectangle with a circular gradient, white in the center and black at the edges.

            7) Select the gradient rectangle and the group and, from the menu, select Modify > Mask > Group as Mask.


            In a vector mask, the white areas of the mask make the underlying group fully visible and the black areas make the underlying group fully transparent. You may decide to undo the grouping and adjust the positions of the paint chips on the mask to modify the steepness of different parts of the gradient before you apply the mask again.


            8) Then, slice or crop the part of the image that you want.

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              kimikimish Level 1

              Thanks guys,


              Pixlor, I used your steps 1-4 to make the oval show. Then for grey line, I create a retangle, apply "bar gradient" with grey and white to it and I make sute the height of the retangle is 1px with no stroke, voila I have the line with fading sides.

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                pixlor Level 4

                Hey, that's great!


                I wasn't sure if the oval shadow needed to fade too.