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    Premiere Elements 7: movie 16:9,menu 4:3


      Using Adobe Premiere Elements 7 I have burned a 16:9 movie including menu's to DVD to a folder. When I play the DVD on a software player, or when I burn the contents of the Video_TS folder to a DVD and play it on a TV then the movie is played in 16:9 format but the menu's are in 4:3!  In the preview in PE the menu's are in 16:9. The movie was recorded in AVCHD 16:9 and must be burned to a DVD-5. In the Share menu I selected PAL_Widescreen_DolbyDVD. I also tried PAL_DolbyDVD but then also the movie is in 4:3 which sounds logic to me. How can I get those menu's in 16:9?

      I remember once I burned the DVD directly from PE 7 to a DVD-5 and then it was OK. Don't know the settings anymore. But that is not an option anymore because my DVD burner is not recognised anymore by PE (that's another problem but not that important).

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What software are you using to physically Burn to disc? This could actually be part of each problem - the Menu and also why your burner is not being seen by PE.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Sometimes home-burned DVDs just don't trigger DVD players to switch to widescreen play.


            Manually turning on widescreen play on your DVD player should do the trick.

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              Boshond Level 1

              I'm afraid both answers did not solve the problem. I uninstalled Nero, restarted the computer but all stayed the same. I really cannot imagine this could also solve the 4:3 menu problem.

              Desperate as I was I created a new project and there the problem was over (both of them). Reloading the old project "solved" the burning problem (it suddenly found my DVD burner) but not the 4:3 menu problem. So I installed the second DVD with all the menu's, just selected another one and then the problem was over! Also when I turned back to the original menu. So in some way it has "reset" the menu. Hopefully this can help other persons who have the same problem. Thanks for your answers!!