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    "Can't activate recorder. Try resetting camera" - Conflict with Pro CS4 and Elements 7?


      I have Adobe Premier Elements 7 installed on my computer and I wanted to try my hand on editing with Adobe Premier Pro CS4... SO I downloaded the Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Trial and can not capture the video . I get an "Can't activate recorder. Try resetting camera"


      Now I can capture just fine with Adobe Premier Elements with the same firewire connection and everything. Its when I capture with Pro that I get this error.


      I read through numerous FAQ's and questions on this..like this here: http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/Error:Can't_activate_recorder


      I don't think its a Camera setting or Firewire issue or it wouldn't work at all (right now I can capture with Elements)


      Is there a conflict if you use Adobe Elements 7 AND Adobe Premier Pro CS4 on the same computer? Maybe something with the Registry?  Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated!