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    Exporting High resolution files into usable video format


      Please help with Exporting High resolution files into usable video format.


      What I do:

      I produce something like a karaoke type videos.

      I start with an audio track.

      I import it into Adobe Premiere CS 4.

      I add images of resolution typically 1280 x 1024 (or higher).

      I add test that show the words of the song where necessary.


      I want to have the final video file shown on a projector, thus these resolutions should give a nice clear picture.


      However, I’ve tried virtually all export formats and have not found anyone that has a good output quality.


      Eventually I reverted to export as DVD and then convert with AutoGK to XVid format. This works very well, with very good output quality, but because I have the intermediate step of export to DVD, the resolution is reduced to only 720 x 544 (or something smaller).


      XVid has no problem to handle any resolution, but not DVD.


      I’ve tried to export directly to XVid (AVI) from Premiere, but then the quality is really very, very poor.


      Could anybody please give me some advice?


      Thank you.