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    Particle playground problem

    Kostas Arvanitidis Level 1

      Hi all

      I have a problem with Particle Playground in AE

      The particles shown on full screen resolution are different from the ones on other (half/quarter) resolutions. For example i use a boundary wall to constrain the (custom mapped) particles and on the half and lower resolutions the behavior is excellent but when i switch to full the particles don't behave correctly (they tend to group in 10's or more).

      Hope it makes sence...

      Any ideas?



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          A. Cobb Level 3

          Changing the comp render/preview resolution also changes the effective resolution of the layer maps, which can lead to different results, sometimes dramatically so.  If you must use Particle Playground (and I tend to advise against given all the non-insanity-inducing particle systems available for AE), you will need to work at the final render resolution if you want to get predictable results.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Aaron said, only working at full res will give the correct result. We have discussed this in the past (search the forum) and the short answer is, that working at reduced resolutions affects the resolution of the layer maps and itherefore in turn Playground's own sampling. Results will shift because at lower resolutions the sampling happens on the interpolated pixels and thus the value used in relation to the particle's position is a different one....



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              Kostas Arvanitidis Level 1

              Thanks both for the answers,

              I'm sad to say (for Adobe) that i've downloaded the demo version of Particular and the results are excellent (and same) in all resolutions. So i think the Adobe's (and cycore's) particle engine could learn from the best .

              Trapcode is about to get richer next week .


              Thanks all again

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                A. Cobb Level 3

                You won't be disappointed if you purchase Particular.  And there is a 2.0 upgrade coming up (see a demo here), but according to this PDF you'll only pay a dollar more if you buy now and upgrade later than if you were to wait to buy the full 2.0 version.


                As for Particle Playground, I suspect Adobe includes it for the sake of supporting older projects that might have used it, but I doubt they consider it a serious offering today.