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    Extracting frames in Premiere CS 4

    Ljupco Smokovski

      Ok, this is an unusual question but as I am complete newbie in Premiere CS 4, it sounds as a good way to achieve the result I am after. I want to extract all the frames from the video I want to edit (the clip is usually 30 sec. long and it usually is the same scene - stock footage) and edit them in Photoshop as I'm really familiar with it and can get the results I want, and then put them back in CS4 and export them as a video.


      I'm thinking 30 sec clip shot at 30fps (I'm using Canon 5D MK II) contains 900 2megapixels still images, and as they are usually very similar images, I can write an action when I edit one frame and then apply it to all the rest of the frames. 900 images of that size should get processed fairly quickly. Then I want them back in CS 4 so as to export them as an edited video.


      I tried editing a video but felt very frustrated by the limited options offered and knowledge I got, so I'm thinking if this could work, it might be a temporary solution until I learn how to use CS 4 better.  I know that ther's going to be a certain quality loss, but is it going to be significant ? How to extract all those frames in a best possible way ? How to "stitch" them back together ? What do you think about this ?


      Thanks in advance, Ljupco