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    Questions about custom item renderer for DataGridColumn


      hey guys,


      I am very new to flex but really likes it.


      A part of my task is to display data with DataGrid. Sounds very simple, isn't it? However, the data itself is a mess and it needs some custom code to make presentable. My problem is this:


      one of columns is supposed to be a positive number. If the number is less than 0, then don't display it or show a blank cell. I tried a few ways:


      1. tried using <mx:Text text="{((data.TotalGFA<0)?"":data.TotalGFA)}" />. It complains unmatched ">".

      2. tried using a function <mx:Text text="{getPositiveNumber(data.TotalGFA)}" />. It complains undefined function

      3. tried extending mx:Text and overriding the text field. But I found no help.


      Is it possible? How to make it work?