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    CheckBox and Custom Component Problem


      my application load a list of 3D objects from an XML file and display that on the screeen using papervision 3d library. The number of 3D objects is variable because the XML file is every time different.

      I load the objects in an ARRAY and at initialization time i display all the objects on the screen. I would like to have a custom component that associate to every 3d objects a checkbox. So i created a custom component (see attached code), because alll the objects are stored in an array i can easy call "addChild(array[###])" or "removeChild(array[###])" to hide and unhide 3D objects on the screen.

      The problem is that i have no idea how associate to my customcomponent a method to every single checkbox that can be called when the user click on the checkbox....

      Anyone is able to suggest me the right way ?