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    HDV export to H.264 jittery within Media Encoder

    clctv20 Level 1

      I'm rendering out a 50 minute documentary shot and edited in HDV 60i. I did  it within Premeire Pro CS4 using Adobe Media Encoder CS4. First I exported it as a Quicktime H.264 1920x1080 29.97 progressive video. The video looks PERFECT, and is 31GB.


      Trying to get the video file to less than 4.7 gb to burn onto a dvd as a image file, I then exported both the PP timeline and the QT H.264 file in Meda Encoder to the MP4 H.264 1920x1080 29.97 progressive and it came out to 4.5 GB. The image quality looks good, but scences that have a lot of movement the video is noticably jittery. The reason I want this encode to work is because I would like to be able to burn the  HD image file to DVD to distribute along with the regular SD DVD. Does anybody know why it's jittery? Is there a setting I have to change? Is there another Codec someone could recomend to get me under 4.7 HD while keeping the full HD quality?


      Funny thing is if I play the jittery MP4 H.264 though my Western Digital HD player (plays 1080 movies off a portable usb hard drive to a television monitor up to 1080p via HDMI cable) it plays perfect, no jitters. But if I burn the same file to dvd and open on another computer (after copy/paste to hard drive) it is jittery.


      Thanks for the help!!