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    Capture using iSight instead of tape deck


      I was having the issue I've seen is somewhat common where you get "Can't activate recorder. Try resetting camera." Then it decided to start using my iSight (built in Mac video camera) as the source for my video. I have no idea what's going on. All I wanted to do was plug this VTR into the firewire input and start capturing, and it's turned into a nightmare. The tape deck is a JVC BR-HD50. I have everything on it set to HDV, and I recorded in HDV. When I go to source for the video input, the only option I can select is the built-in camera, which is probably why it decided to start using it. I've heard talk of codecs and such, but so far all I've seen has been helpful to people using Windows, which I am not.


      Please help. I've been using Final Cut, and I wanted to venture out to Premiere so I could be more well-rounded. So far, not a good experience.