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    Corrupt video in PE7 but OK in PE3

    the diy man

      I have created a wedding video lasting just over 1 hour using PE3.0.2. When complete it played fine in preview but when I tried to save to DVD it crashed at 49% with the usual error message "A serious problem has...". I checked all the known issues, still image size, transistions etc, all seemed OK. Finally I downloaded a trial copy of PE7, this then rendered the movie in less than half the time and burnt a DVD. However in PE7 I can see a lot of corrupt video. During preview the video suddenly pixelates and you see other parts of the video overlaying each other. If I reload the project in PE3 it is fine! So you can only see the corruption in PE7. The corruption does not seem associated with transitions either. Finally I was able to remove the corruption by cutting the film each side of the problem and deleting, usually approx 10 frames. Any idea why this happened and why only visible in PE7? Regards, Colin

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          the diy man Level 1

          I have just found the same problem described by another user in this forum, although when he imports files his corruption is at predictable time frames. Apparently this is due to the file format as I also use a JVC camera and the files are .MOD. I will search the forums on .MOD as suggested to by The Wine Snob.

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            Paul_LS Level 4

            You will find a great many posts on MOD files. And usually the only solution to the numerous issues is to convert to DV-AVI. If you go this route see this FAQ on conversion:


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              the diy man Level 1

              Thanks for the advice, looks like this is the way I will process in the future. Few questions though, (1) As PE7 imports MOD files OK would this be the prefered program to use to convert to AVI or would you recommend another in preference, (2) Do AVI files render more quickly when completing / burning to DVD than the native MOD file, (3) After I load the original files, drag them all to the timeline and export as AVI, then start to build a new project I will be adding transitions, effects etc. Do I need to convert these or is it only the original MOD files that need to be converted? Thanks for any adice, I only use PE a few times a year but when I do it is important such as a wedding or christining etc, so needs to be done properly.

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                Paul_LS Level 4

                You can import into PE7 and export as DV-AVI however you need to apply reverse field dominace to correct the field order(MPEG/MOD files are upper field first and DV-AVI are lower field first). Right click on the clip in teh timeline, select Field Order and then Reverse Field Dominace. Otherwise use one of the converters listed in the FAQ... Prism is good.


                If no effects are applied DV-AVI files will be exported more quickly. Also PE7 can use temporary rendered files from DV-AVI material (from when you hit Enter on your keyboard to render after applying effects) but not from MPEG/MOD. All clips on teh timeline are re-rendered when export MPEG/MOD.


                Once you have converted your files you can edit them on the timeline adding effects/transitions without having to do anything else.

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                  the diy man Level 1

                  I have now completed my wedding DVD but I had to run through the completed project and cut out a lot of corrupt frames from many of the scenes to remove the pixilation and corruption that appeared. So I thought I would test the camera and shoot some new video on a new Sandisk SDHC card and download to a new 1 TB hard drive, all this to try and eliminate any local corruption during the transfer or storage of the files. The clip I then chose looks fine if you rename the file from .MOD to .MP3 and play it back via Windows Media Player, yet if you play the original .MOD file (no conversion to AVI) in PE7 there are 2 corrupt areas at 34 sec's and 43 sec's. Each lasts approx 1 sec and are heavily pixilated, you can also see images from other areas in the clip. Finally I opened PE3, loaded the original .MOD file into a new project and - no corruption at all ! So it is only PE7 detecting this problem within the downloaded video. I am now at a loss what to do. I upgraded to PE7 from PE3 due to problems creating the final DVD in PE3, this works fine in PE7 but now I have this new problem. I thought I read in another thread of some software that will analyze the video and report any issues or problems but I cannot find this now. Also why is it that it is only PE7 seeing this corruption?

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                    the diy man Level 1

                    Sorry, I meant to ask if PE3 handled .MOD files differently than PE7?