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    Texture Artists: Auto Save As Type


      I have used photoshop for years now. Mostly I do texture's for virtual enviornments. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a feature that allowed the users to automate saving as different file types from a PSD. Let me give you an example:


      Current Versions:

      I am working on a texture for a chair. I have one PSD named Chair.psd that has tons of information in it. Once I finish the texture, I have to goto save as --> targa (it auto renames to chair copy.tga) ---> rename it to Chair_DIF.tga --> save --> select 24 bit --> save. Finally I have it saved. Now I have to change a few layers I have set, or hide some and then save it as Chair_SPEC.tga and sometimes Chair_EMS.tga, Chair_NRM.tga. Once I am done with all that I can test it on the model in 3d... if a change needs to be made, I have to make it and then go through that whole process again. It is very repatative and pointless. Many times I have to do it 20+ times...


      New Feature:

      Allow the user to enable a special mode through the main PS preferences designed for texture artists. It adds a new drop down menu next to help labeled 'Auto Save As' or something. When you select it to drop down, it only has one option, 'new'. You hit 'new' and it brings up a dialog of what you want to call the new profile, what filetype, where the file should be saved, and and options the file type selected would normally have. For the filename, you should be able to choose if you want a whole new name, or just add a suffix or prefex to the PSD name. Once youe done, you hit create and it saves that profile to the PSD your working with. This is important, the options should save to the PSD. That way, any time you open up a file, it is automatically set to the save options and locations you want for that texture. From then on, any time you drop down that list, a texture artist could just click Diffuse Map, and it would auto save it to the proper location, filetype, and name. You could create one for anything you want: Specular, Normal, Emmisives, Balding, and so on.


      I beg you, please add this option in the next version of PS!