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    Changing project’s resolution


      Please help with Changing project’s resolution


      I have a lot of old projects that I’ve created using the “Desktop” configuration on Premiere 2.0 which I successfully imported into CS 4.


      However, how can I now change the project’s resolution? It looks like I will have to re-do the whole project?


      What I do:

      I produce something like a karaoke type videos.

      I start with an audio track.

      I import it into Adobe Premiere CS 4.

      I add images of resolution typically 1280 x 1024 (or higher).

      I add test that show the words of the song where necessary.


      I want to have the final video file shown on a projector, thus these resolutions should give a nice clear picture.




      Could anybody please give me some advice?



      Thank you.




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Create a new sequence with the settings you want and import/nest the existing sequence into the new sequence.

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            FrankyTheFky Level 1

            Thank you, that helped a lot.


            1) I created a new sequence.

            2) I went to the old sequence and selected all (^A)

            3) I copied it. (^C)

            4) I went to the new sequence.

            5) I pasted everything (^P)


            It worked - except...

            The images worked perfectly.

            The words pasted in the SAME screen size as the original, so I cannot make them larger ?


            Can you please help.


            Thank you.



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Use the motion/scale and possibly position effect on these titles, or modify the titles directly in the original sequence.

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                FrankyTheFky Level 1

                Thank you.


                It works - sort of, but it is a lot of work, since then I have to change every instance of the works.


                If I could change the "master" words, that I would only have to change it once and it should work fine throughout the project.


                Thank you.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Though it still some hand-work, if you change the Motion>Scale (and possibly Motion>Position, if necessary), you can Ctrl-c (or Rt-click and choose Copy), then for each title (actually, I'd just do a Shift-click to Select them all) Rt-click and choose Paste Attributes. Now, if you have done Keyframe Animation on your first Title, that will Copy/Paste Attributes for those too. Take that into consideration, when choosing which Title will be your "master."


                  Good luck,




                  PS it would be easier if one could Select All for the Titles in the Project's Project Panel Bin and apply them there, but I do not think that is possible. Maybe I'm a fixin' to learn something new. I always have my Titles in a "Titles" Bin, so a Select All would be easy. I'll go try doing this from the Project Panel, and report back if I can find a way to do it there.

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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    Titles are created at specific resolutions, and since they are raster graphics, they cannot be scaled up cleanly using the Motion effect. You'll have to create new titles in order for them to look good.


                    This will be a bit of manual work, depending on the number of titles in your project, but it can be done. Open one of your original titles, and select and copy the text block. Close this title, and create a new one with settings appropriate to your sequence. Paste in the text block, and alter it as needed to fit the new title dimensions. Repeat this for all of your titles. When you're done, you can hold down the Alt key while dragging a new title from your project window onto the original title in order to replace it quickly. Again, repeat this for all your titles. Unfortunately, there is no automatic way to do this. This is why I do 99% of my titles in Photoshop, where I can easily update the dimensions (as well as other characteristics) and they'll be automatically changed in Premiere.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Good point about the Motion>Scale. I've used it for limited re-sizing, but also rely on PS for all of my image files, plus major Titles too. There, one can do an Action to re-size and the algorithms in PS are better in my testing to those used in Pr. Also, one has the benefit of having the Type as Vector, in PS, until final output to Pr.


                      Unfortunately, PS will not accept .PRTL files. Would be great if it did and converted the Raster images of the Type to Vector Type. Maybe it's time that I file another Feature Request and include that function, as well. I've been asking for .PRTL Import since CS2, but it has obviously been a low priority item. The restructuring to Vector Type would be much tougher to include, but with the new CAS function in PS might not be all that difficult. Who knows?





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                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                        I think some type of CSS function for titles would be a brilliant addition to the Titler.  Change one parameter, and all titles using that CSS automatically update.  This would be a hell of a lot more useful than a "speech recognition" feature that's wrong so often as to make it barely useable.

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                          Harm Millaard Level 7
                          speech recognition that's wrong so often as to make it barely useable.


                          What a great euphimism for something that is utter crap.

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                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                            Well...just trying to keep Jeff happy.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Yes, I'd be very leery of Speech Recognition. I can imagine getting into all sorts of problems if one uttered the wrong expletive, while editing and Pr took them at their "word."