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    loadMovie and unloadMovie

    Steven Atkin



      I'm having difficulty with some actionscript 2 (Using Flash MX).  I'm sure it can be done, but the answers I've found online don't appear to be working.


      I have two buttons and a movie clip.  What I want to do is, on clicking button1, load and image into the movie clip.  On clicking button2, hide/unload the image from the movie clip.


      I've got the showing the image working fine, using...

           loadMovie("image1.jpg", portrait.image);


      I can't get the button2 actions right, and can't see where I'm going wrong.  I've tried removeMovieClip and unloadMovie, but with no success.


      I'd really appreciate it if someone could outline what button2 should be doing to no longer show the image in the movie clip.


      I've attached my .fla file to better explain my layout and what I'm trying to do.