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    UIScrollBar, alpha tweening and rendering problems.


      Alright, so basically, I have a dynamic text field which loads data from an xml file, I've embedded the font so that I can tween the motions etc of the text, and so far i've been able to apply a motion tween on the alpha channel and get my text to fade in.


      The problem is that the UIScrollBar component which is attached to the text field gets stuck at the starting alpha amount and wont tween to the full amount (like the text will) at the moment I'm motion tweening from 33% alpha to 100% alpha and while the text reaches the full 100%, the scrollbar gets stuck at 33%.


      is there anyway to get this working?


      I also have another smaller problem with my UIScrollbar, when it first loads it flickers as a white square in the corner of the text field for a moment before properly rendering. this happens with and without tweening. I've made my own skin for the component, could this be causing the problem somehow?


      A solution to either of these problems would solve both as I can work around the alpha issue if it renders properly instantly, and vice versa.


      Thanks guys!

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          EverLightMusic Level 1

          after looking at this in more detail, i would prefer to fix the white square issue, I think this might be easily fixed by hiding the UIScrollBar component when the text fits in the box. When I shortened the text in the box to make it fit, the white square didnt turn into the scrollbar like it would when the box was full, it just stayed there, taunting me with its 4 evil corners.


          anyway, here is the current actionscript for the layer in which the dynamic text box belongs. I'm a complete n00b at actionscript, Is there anything i can do or add to hide the UIScrollBar when it isn't needed (i.e. when the text box isn't full):


          //init TextArea component
          siteText.html = true;
          siteText.wordWrap = true;
          siteText.multiline = true;
          //load in XML
          newsContent = new XML();
          newsContent.ignoreWhite = true;
          newsContent.onLoad = function(success)
                          siteText.text = newsContent;

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            EverLightMusic Level 1

            Another quick update. I managed to fix the fade issue by converting the text area and the UIScrollBar component into a movieclip symbol, inserting the xml loading actionscript into that symbol on the first frame and then tweening the movie clip.


            However, I'm still having problems with thewhite box