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    Cannot copy/paste


      I am the web developer but instead of using DreamWeaver to update content, I will update articles using InContext Editing.  I have been able to copy and paste in the past but suddenly I cannot.  My associate is still able to copy and paste into the same exact area where I am trying to copy and paste.  We are both using Firefox.


      I have not changed any user rights.  I just get an error that says "cannot access the clipboard".  This is only a problem in Incontext editing.  I can copy and paste in other apps.




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          cristinel@adobe Adobe Employee

          Hi Scott,


          Can you give some details on what browser are you using? Also, have you switched the browsers lately (between the time it worked and now)?


          Thank you,



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            beaufortbulletin Level 1

            I am running Firefox 5 verson 3.0.11.  My associates is running same but 3.0.4.  I did run an upgrade on Firefox recently but it wasn't working before or after.


            We both upgraded to Kaspersky security and have the same settings.  She can copy/paste, I can't, but only in Incontext Editing.  I also upgraded IE to 8 but Incontext Editing is supported on it so I only use Firefox.


            Thanks for any help you cna provide.


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              cristinel@adobe Adobe Employee



              I just ran some tests with copy and paste on Firefox and it seems to be working fine. Nevertheless, I don't know if you noticed this already, but on Firefox, you cannot use the browser Copy/Paste menus (either from the File bar or from the contextual menu). Instead, you would need to use the CTRL+C/V to copy/paste. Also, please make your focus is on an editable region and the cursor in inside that editable region so that the service would know where to paste the content.


              So, please follow the below steps and let me know if it works:

              1. Open your site in Firefox
              2. Login to InContext Editing and enter in edit mode
              3. Copy some text from somewhere and get back to the
              4. Click inside an editable region and use CTRL+V to paste.
              5. The selected content should be pasted inside the editable region.


              Let me know if it works,



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                I have the same issue.  I cannot paste anything from the clipboard (neither copied from Word nor from notepad) into my site.  Although it works occasionally, it fails 99% of the time.


                I have tried the tips suggested to no avail and have scoured the net for other fixes to this issue with nothing coming up (apart from a possible issue with JavaScript and FireFox permissions).


                I am also using FF 3.0.11 (and have tried using it in safe mode with no change).  Please advise.

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                  Scott@NSC Level 1

                  What about copying and pasting text from Excel? In Contribute, my editors would do that and a table would be pasted into the webpage, but doesn't work for them pasting into InContext.

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                    Angela French Level 1

                    No, cannot copy from any webpage or Office product.  I can however, copy/paste from Dreamweaver.  I have this issue with Contribute 5.  I do NOT have this issue with Contribute 3.

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                      eeprete Level 1

                      We too have had similar issues with Contribute CS5 regarding copy/paste from MS Products.


                      Do you also find slow load times or login attempts? We have an enterprise setup with appx 50 content authors. Our remote locations have had connectivity issues regularly with the CS5 product, even though normal FTP clients have no issue.