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    Access of possibly undefined property selectIndex


      Hi, I am new to Flex... and I am having trouble to run the following example of tabnavigator. Please help me.


      <mx:Panel height="100%" width="100%" label="Examples from Flex LiveDocs">
              <mx:HBox height="100%" width="100%">
                  <mx:TabNavigator id="tn" height="100%" width="90%">
                      <mx:Panel label="ActionScript">
                          <mx:Button label="SelectTab2" click="tn.selectIndex=1"/>
                      <mx:Panel label="Index1">
                          <mx:Button label="SelectTab1" click="tn.selectIndex=0"/>



      This is inside the application tag. I am getting error. "Access of possibly undefined property selectIndex". What is this error and how do I resolve this issue?