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    HD Export to FLV Quirk (Black Vertical Bars on Flash Video)

    mustbebelize Level 1

      Has anyone recently tried exporting HD content to FLV in CS 4.1? I shot some footage with a newly acquired Sony HVR-Z5U.  The final output was to be a flash video for a website.  The sequence setting was 1440x1080i(60i).  I exported to FLV large widescreen at 640x352.  I kept getting thin black vertical bars on each end.  I tried several different settings with the same result - black vertical bars.


      Now, I had previuosly done the same process before with DV widescreen footage from a Sony DSR-250 (in CS4 and 4.01).  No problem there.  So after hitting my head against the wall a few times, I finally thought - "Why not go back to a DV sequence?"  So I placed the HD content in a DV widescreen sequence and resized the HD content to fit the DV screen.  Then I exported to FLV 640x352 and presto - no black bars!


      Go figure!


      For illustration purposes, I'll include the web pages:


      1.  With black bars: http://www.houstonswimclub.com/flash-movies/pearland-tour2.html

      2.  Without black bars:  http://www.houstonswimclub.com/flash-movies/pearland-tour.html