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    I want to be a freelancer, is flex my best choice?


      Hello, everyone, I am a newbie to here. I want to be a freelancer that make components, such as video player, music player and site temeplate, and sell them at the online market. Is flex my best choice? Someone said "flex is the future of flash". Do you agree with this opinion?

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          leybniz Level 4

          Nope, to be successfull with flex you should be more programmer than designer,

          but don't worry, there is a room for everybody, the best achivement for you could possibly be:

          custom application themes design, including custom controls skins, styles, etc

          nobody use 'templates' therm inhere themes!


          Almost all this stuff mentioned above could be produced using Adobe CS4 family solely,

          so my advice for you would be to put your forces on leveraging Adobe Flash Catalyst



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