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    Why does Photoshop CS3 always crash?


      If the file size is larger than 15MB it crashes before it opens the file.

      I fixed this the first time by reinstalling my OS.

      I fixed this the second time by moving my files from their folder to the desktop then opened it from there.

      I can't seam to fix this for the third time and I'm soooo frustrated.


      It works until it crashes then it never works again.So for instance, it worked everyday for a month, then I stopped using it for a week and came back and now it keeps crashing on files over 15MB.

      Here's my computer set up:

      Win XP SP3 Pro

      AMD Athlong 62 x2 Dual

      Core Processor 4200+

      2.20GHz, 2GB of RAM

      1GB NVidia GeForce 9400 GT


      Photoshop Error Signature:

      AppName: photoshop.exe


      ModName: bib.dll


      Offset: 0000c632

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          Ricky-T Level 3

          What does it say when it crashes? or does it just lock up?


          Also, make sure the files are not within a deep folder system on you computer. I realised before that the file destination of the files causing PS to crash were in a deep place, and my computer sometimes freezed and took me backto the desktop with the command of drwatsn.exe.


          I had this problem A LOT when i was doing my coureswork for graphics with A4 pages (24MB). (PS CS3 also)

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            Wyldb Level 1

            It locks up, puts up the generic crash error message (I attached it to this question, but it appears it's still in queue). Then after I say, don't send to microsoft... Photoshop shuts down.


            By moving the file to the desktop it helped for a little while.

            I have had the file on a different hard drive where I would open it up without any issue for a long time.
            Then I started moving the file that I want to update to the Desktop to open it and then that worked for a while.

            Then I tried moving the file to the root directory of the OS drive and that seamed to work for awhile.

            Now it won't open from the root directory or the Desktop, but it does open it from the 2nd hard drive.

            haha, It's making my head spin I tell ya.


            Everytime I can open the file(s) and then save them, I back that file up, and it appears to work the next time I open the backed up file, but the original file saved where I edited it from crashes.

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              Wyldb Level 1

              One thing to add, everytime I have a successful intervention with Photoshop .. haha, and I've saved all files and closed all files, even if just working on one file... and say I wait 5 minutes or longer or less to shut down Photoshop CS3 it still Crashes upon exit.

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                Curt Y Level 7

                Check you HD and cache space to see if you have adequate room for the larger images.    Run a program like cclean to delete temp files and clean things up.

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                  Wyldb Level 1

                  When you speak of Cache space, what space are you speaking about?


                  In Photoshop CS3 Preferences, Performance I have it set up this way:


                  Available RAM: 1709 MB

                  Ideal Range: 940-1231 MB

                  Let Photoshop Use: (I have it set at 1008) MB (59%)

                  Scratch Disks:

                  C:\ 39GB free (only box checked)

                  D:\ 12GB free (unchecked)

                  E:\ 12GB free (unchecked)

                  History & Cache:

                  History State: 20 (usually I have that at 100)

                  Cache Levels: 6

                  GPU Settings:

                  No GPU options available on XP w/STD Photoshop


                  Thanks for the replies btw

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                    Curt Y Level 7

                    This looks OK, but be carefull if you use the 100 history states and cache level 6.  This could take up a lot of resources if you do many operations.  If you are not aware when you modify the entire image of a 20 mb file (like a gaussian blurr), your image size will now be 40 mb.  You can see it will add up fast.  If I remember right you have 2 gig of ram so a large file coud overtax the computer at some point.