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    Panasonic GH1 - AVCHD 720 60P Project

    bbrault Level 1

      I ordered a Panasonic GH1 and I intend to use the AVCHD 720 60P mode.

      I understand that its probably using coding with H.274 Main Profile Level 4.0 at 17Mbps.


      I already downloaded some sample videos but I cannot edit them in this mode.


      1) How do I create a AVCHD 720 60P project? I cannot find such a preset?

      2) Since I do not want to loose any image quality, I only intend to cut / assemble my clips with very limited editing hoping that I can re-export with minimal re-coding in exactly the same format, profile, bit rate, etc... How can I do this?

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          With PE7 you are limited to the project presets that are available at the start up screen. So with AVCHD there is only the 1080i 30fps profile. With HDV there is a 720p profile... but again 30fps. If you capture at 1080 24p or 720 60p you will need to interpret the footage on importing to meet the project settings. This will result in an interpolation of the frame rate and this will have some impact. You can export as H.264 but not at 60fps and the export will be re-rendered. You can select the H.264 format for exporting and customize it to some extent in the Advanced Settings.. but not to match the import format.


          Looks like a great camera... but a little ahead of the available software.

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            Ozpeter Level 1

            "Looks like a great camera... but a little ahead of the available software."


            Well - it depends on who is selling the software.  I can think of at least three of Premiere Elements competitor apps which handle GH1 footage (1080 and 720) perfectly happily (natively not transcoded), and will even create an AVCHD DVD at the output end.   Trouble is, Premiere Elements is still a generation or even two behind the field with AVCHD support.  Perhaps the next version will catch up, but meanwhile it's not the progam of choice for many AVCHD editors.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Don't be afraid to recommend an alternative program if you think it better fits someone's workflow and hardware, Oz. I don't censor mentions of competitor's products on this forum. Our main goal is to help people ot.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Thank you for that clarification. I've found that to be the case with about all of the Adobe fora - it's about getting the job out the door, so to speak.


                Along with a complete Adobe workflow, I have a myriad number of "tools" at my disposal, and some are competitors of the various Adobe programs on my machines. Sometimes one needs a "Snap-on" flex-socket with the "wobble" extension, even if their main tool kit is by Craftsman.


                When making recs. for people, regarding the software to use, I nearly always go with an Adobe product, because those are programs that I use most and know best. I first go to Audition for audio work, but then mention Audacity, as Audition is anything but freeware. Only trouble that I have with some of the other programs is I often do not know them well enough to recommend. I also often do not know certain alternative programs well enough to tell one how to use them - Audacity is one of those, but with the great Chuck Engles and Steve Grisetti tutorials on it, people can learn - I just can't help them.


                It's great that Adobe has taken an open policy on software recs. here. Some mfgr's Web sites are not that way, at all.





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                  Ozpeter Level 1

                  Well, I'll be more specific then - I was reluctant to appear to be using Adobe's forums for touting the features of competitive apps, but at the end of the day nobody in their right mind would say that, for all people and for all purposes, progam "A" is better than program "B" for editing video.  It depends on what you in particular are wanting to do, the style in which you are wanting to do it, and the source device (camera / camcorder) and host PC that you are using.  In reading the following, Your Mileage May Vary!


                  Currently I have PE7, Pinnacle Studio 12.1 and Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 (just released) on my PC.  And Nero 9.  My source video comes from Panasonic SD5 and Panasonic GH1 devices, in AVCHD format.  The former is 1080 and the latter does that and 720 as well.


                  In brief, my personal views on these are as follows:-


                  PE7 - a much more "pro" interface than the others, and I like some of the details like being able to use separate audio and video transitions.  But it doesn't like the 720 footage from my GH1, and it doesn't create AVCHD DVDs which are my preferred output medium (highest quality at lowest cost, as compared with blu ray).  There are ways around this that I've described some months back, and possibly some even better ways that I really should document some time (using freeware) but it's a pity it's not built in.


                  Studio 12.1 - An interface that seems targetted at kids rather than adults, and the way it goes about some aspects of video editing don't suit my personal approach.  It handles all the types of AVCHD that I've tried it with and creates AVCHD DVDs directly with menus, but it's due for an update in terms of its efficiency in handling AVCHD - you need a PC with clout to get a fluid feel when working on the timeline.


                  Nero 9 - Has the ability to smart render some (by no means all) AVCHD footage, so if you simply want to edit with no bells and whistles, you can do so and then render to AVCHD file or AVCHD DVD in the time taken to copy the data - no processing happens, and no quality loss is involved.  If I was running a newsroom I'd be sending out my teams with cameras that took Nero-compatible footage and do the editing really fast in Nero ready for the next news bulletin.  But I'd hope no effects etc were required as that's not what Nero is good at.  IT handles GH1 AVCHD footage of both resolutions but only smart renders 1080.


                  PowerDirector 8 - this can use the processing power of certain Cuda-compatible (and other) graphics cards to give a significant boost to AVCHD playback and rendering performance.  On my 9300 quad core PC I've got it to play four rotated picture-in-picture images on top of a base image all sourced from AVCHD before the PC maxed out performancewise.  It really does make it unnecessary to transcode to something else for effective editing (though you still need a pretty up to date PC).  It accepts GH1 AVCHD (both resolutions) and outputs to AVCHD DVD with menus (and to the other formats you'd expect) but it's smart rendering capability does rather vary with the source - my AVCHD devices don't seem to be on its smart rendering list.  However, rendering is significantly faster than with other apps I've tried and I think the quality is good - though some people on the Cyberlink forum don't agree.  As I said, YMMV.  It has some nice features but the most childish-looking interface of all of them - quite embarrasing to use.


                  I guess my ideal program would combine the pro look of Premiere Elements, the efficiency of PowerDirector 8, and the smart rendering of Nero.  One day...


                  Never buy a video editing app on someone else's recommendation.  Try before you buy on your system using your footage.

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                    lkent62 Level 1



                    I have modified Adobe's 24p/25p/30p downloadable patch (originally for Premiere Pro 2), to add (PAL) 720p50 and (NTSC) 720p60 + 1080p60.  I've also added true "30.000fps" and "24.000fps" editing-modes for the Digicams/DSLRs that don't conform (exactly) to NTSC frame-rate; e.g. the Nikon D90/300s, Panasonic TZ5, Canon Powershot SD780IS/IXUS100, SD960IS/IXUS110, etc.  (These cameras record footage at 30.00fps, not 29.97fps!)


                    I don't have a Panaosonic GH1 for testing.  I briefly tried testing with some Sanyo/Aiptek 720p60 samples floating around on the web.  I was able to edit footage on a 60p-timeline (i.e. 60 full frames, per second.)  But, I can't guarantee all the editing-modes work. Premiere has lots of editing functions I didn't try; I'm hoping everything works properly in 60p-timeline.




                    NTSC->AVCHD : 720p60, 1080p24, 1080p30, 1080p60  (59.97Hz, 23.976Hz, 29.97 Hz)

                    PAL->AVCHD :   720p50, 1080p25

                    Digicam_DSLR 720p24 (24.000fps), 720p30 (30.000fps)


                    the installation-instructions are inside the zip-file.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Thank you for posting. That should help many folk here.



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                        Hogster86 Level 1

                        Hi Ikent62,


                        Will these presets also work with H264 video? I'm on the pre-order list for the Canon 7D which can take:


                        1080p at 23.976fps, 29.97fps (NTSC) or 25fps (PAL); and

                        720p at 60fps (NTSC) or 50fps (PAL)


                        There's quite a bit of sample footage on the web for this camera - would you be able to test these presets to confirm whether PE7 is able to handle the different frame rates? So far I haven't found any low-cost software that can cope with the movies this camera can produce ...


                        Many thanks!




                        PS. Some sample footage can be found here:



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                          darrask Level 1

                          Hello lkent, hi everyone, thanks for your presets!

                          This would be my first post here. I searched the forum to find an appropriate thread but I think this one is the best.


                          I'm really glad people keep releasing patches and hacks that should be implemented by Adobe. Just like Panasonic, when they cripple the GH1 so that I have to rely on Tester 13's patch to get a properly wrapped AVCHD container and so on...


                          However, recently I've rather switched to shooting in 720p MJPEG because of the more attractive grainy look to it (Sadly, even hacked, the GH1 does not output true 1080 MJPEG), however I can't find any 720p MJPEG project presets for APE 8, and my computer can't handle 1080p, which would not make sense anyway.


                          Kind of misleading, because the Adobe help (in the offline version) says you can do lots of fun stuff:

                          Create a preset from an open project

                          Creating a preset from an open project does not change the settings for the current, open project; it simply creates a new project preset.

                          1. Choose Edit > Project Settings > General.
                          2. In the Project Settings dialog box, specify project settings for General, Capture, Video Rendering, and Default Timeline.
                          3. Click Save.
                          4. Type a name and description.
                            Save and name your project settings even if you plan to use them in only one project. Saving settings creates a backup copy you can use if someone accidentally alters the current project settings.
                          5. Select or deselect Include Device Control Settings, and click OK.

                          Delete a custom preset

                          1. In the Welcome screen, click New Project. (Or, choose File > New > Project.)
                          2. In the New Project dialog box, click Change Settings.
                          3. Select the custom preset from the Available Presets list, and click Delete Preset


                          All this is not available in Adobe premiere elements 8 and in the actual online help version, it was removed. I even read about a button for creating new, custom, project settings. Great! But has all this been disabled in the 8.0.1 update? Then I'd rather revert to 8.0.


                          In case I'm just fantasizing, tell me if I did missed something in my setup dialog:




                          I'd like to know just why we can't do any custom project presets (there seems to be a common implicit understanding) and if the only solution are really the private user-made patches.

                          Thank you!