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    Tagging certain text in a textbox




      I am using Indesign with some scripting to build catalogue pages on the fly.  I've got it working really well, but another question has arisen and I'm not sure how to answer it.


      Each product has a single image and a single text frame describing the product. The text frame has many pieces of information about the product including a description, physical size and pricing information.  I have been asked to code the system so that the price information can be updated if price changes after the catalogue is produced, but before it is printed.  I have a script label on the text frame so I can update all the text in the frame, but sometimes there are manual changes made in Indesign that would be disrupted if I re-insert all the information in the text frame.


      Is there a way to "tag" a certain piece of data in the text frame so that I can update it later without disturbing the rest of the contents of that text frame?


      Almost like an XML markup of some sort so that I can locate just the price.  I have asked if we can put the price in its own text frame but there are other formatting issues that arise when we use more than one text frame for the description.