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    updater fails 9.1.1 to 9.1.2 - msg "re-enable disabled components"

    emark1 Level 1

      Adobe reader 9.1.1 won't update itself via updates, nor will the stand alone updater work.


      The "re-enable disabled components" message referred to with other products pops up.


      I've deleted the app.  Deleted all pref and lib/app support files.  Reinstalled, and hit the same wall.




      The computer is PPC running 10.5.7.


      The HD is formatted w/ a case-sensitive journaled HFS.

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The case sensitive file system is not supported on Adobe software.

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            emark1 Level 1



            Thanks for your speedy reply.


            Adobe Reader has worked atop case sensitive file systems for me for some time.  I began using them in 10.4 Tiger, though they were introduced as an option going back to 10.3 Panther, which was released to the public 10/2003, and developers like Adobe  before that.


            If the file system is not supported then it should be clearly, and prominently noted on the download page, and perhaps a warning in the installer (if the installer can't itself test for the presence/type of file system and put up some dialog box warning of pending difficulties).


            While I don't use/have no need for the CS, I'm aware of the issues Adobe had w/ the CS suite and case sensitivity (it was just reported in the mac news) but I don't ever recollect seeing that Reader was affected.  Certainly finding out that this is the case by doing google searching, troubleshooting, and help forums takes a distant rear seat to getting warned up front.


            Just to make sure, I went to the download page (no warning), went to system requirements (no warning), and opened up the files that are downloaded (and again, no warning in the installers).


            As a layperson I have trouble imagining that the coding/development of a PDF reader would be inconsistent to the  point that it breaks down trying to point to its own components..but that is probably an oversimplification.


            Hope that it is resolved, and that until then appropriate warnings are offered to end users.


            Thanks again for your time and interest.