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    My imported swf files have lost their streaming sound. What can I do?


      I am trying to import a swf I made that contains streaming sound. When I place it on the time line and press cntr enter my animation plays but with no audio. I see the symbols from the swf and the swf inside my library. When I open the swf file inside my project it is broken down frame by frame with no audio. I can add audio back into my movie clip so I know that movie clips can support streaming audio. But I would rather not have to do this.


      I'm very new to flash so I am hoping there is something big that I am missing.


      In addition to my previous question: I need to embed a lot of objects over and over in this project I am working on. Each object will have controls for play back of itself. Is there some reason I cannot do this?


      Thank you for any advice you may have.