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    Binding to an array

    SiHoop Level 1

      My application uses a couple of classes:TextParser and MazeMaker


      The main application creates textParser1 an instance of TextParser:

      private var textParser1:TextParser

      textParser1 = new TextParser(etc.)


      TextParser contains a public array:answersArray which is Bindable

      Within textParser, I generate a series of instances of MazeMaker:


      public    var mazeLayout:MazeMaker



      mazeLayout=new MazeMaker( etc.)





      Now, within the MazeMaker class I create selectedAnswer:

      [Bindable] public var selectedAnswer:String=""


      When I select a button in MazeMaker I use the following to access some content.



      My goal is that when selectedAnswer changes its value,so too the value of answersArray[myVal] should also change its value and that should show up when I access answersArray in a function in the main application:

      trace("My value="+textParser1.answersArray)


      However. It doesn't work I seem to be unable to update the value of answersArray[myVal]. What can I do to correct this?