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    MPEG 2 encoding

    mikem75 Level 1

      Hi - wondering if anyone has run into this problem.  I have Premiere CS4 and I'm trying to encode MPEG2 files with ac3 audio.  I do have the SurCode plugin for Premiere.  Here's my problem.  My video player the files will ultimately be playing on is capable of playing files with a data rate up to 15mbps.  I have encoded using the MPEG2-DVD preset and everything seems to be fine although I would like the video to be a bit cleaner, its a bit blocky- the DVD preset will only allow up to 10mbps files.  When I try to use the MPEG preset I can't seem to get the audio to play.  I can increase the bit rate of the video which makes it look better, but the audio amp/receiver will not detect the ac3 file.  This happens as soon as I switch from the MPEG2-DVD preset to the MPEG2 preset.  I have tried a number of combinations but nothing seems to work.


      Any thoughts??


      Mike M