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    Acrobat reader does not close after calling print


      Any one has seen this issue before?

      We use Adobe Acrobat reader version 7.0 to print PDF documents automatically in batch will ShellExecute API call in C#.

      What happens is that some times the reader gets stuck on a document and when the new document is printed, it prints the previously opened document instead of printing new doucment. This is not consistent behavior and we cannot reproduce it by will but it happens randomly.


      I belive what is happening is that when a first document is printed, it remains open in the application and application instance is also running and when shellexcecute is called with next document, the originally opened first document gets printed and then this can happen for all the remaining doucments.


      Any one has experienced this kind of issue? Since it happens randomly we cannot reproduce it and we are trying to find out if it is really the case as at this point we are just making assumption.


      Thank you,