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    Data Grid Display child Class data

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         I have  2 Action Script class binded to remote java class


      Class 1

      package hmil.setup.model


      import hmil.com.general.model.Employee;





      public class Area


      public function Area()



      public var ARMST_AREA_ID:int;

      public var ARMST_CMPN_NO:String;

      public var ARMST_CORP_NO:String;

      public var ARMST_SCTN_TYPE:String;

      public var ARMST_CRTE_USR_NO:String;

      public var ARMST_CRTE_TIME:Date;

      public var ARMST_UPDT_USR_NO:String

      public var ARMST_UPDT_TIME:Date;

      public var ARMST_DLR_LIST:ArrayCollection;


      public var ARMST_EMP:Employee;




      Class 2


      package hmil.com.general.model





      public class Employee


      public function Employee()





      public var EPMST_ID:Number;

      public var EPMST_CMPN_NO:String;

      public var EPMST_CORP_NO:String;

      public var EPMST_EMP_NO:String;

      public var EPMST_DLR_NO:String;

      public var EPMST_EMP_NAME:String;





      When the remote java method returns  a list of Area object through Blaze DS  this list can be assiged as data to the Data Grid

      The DataGridColumn   dataField can be mapped to the column name and it displays properly


      <mx:DataGridColumn  dataField="ARMST_AREA_ID" headerText="Id"/>


      But lets say I wanted to display the child value  (ARMST_EMP.EPMST_ID )   in the Data Grid 

      Since the sever returns the Parent Java Object  which contains the related Employee as inner Object.


      The Objetcs are deserialized to AS class objects.



      But how to display the  child columns in data grid.


      If i give the data field as ARMST_EMP  it is displayed as Object. but if i mention the datafield as ARMST_EMP.EPMST_ID, it does not display anything.



      please  let me know how to display the child object in datagrid