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    Circular Controller

      I need to develop a circular controller. It has to look like the image in the below URL

      As like the above image, I need to have 2 to 3 circles and the texts(not actually simple text, it has be a link) are to be written dynamically in the segments like Violet, Red......
      Beyond writing the texts I need to apply color to each box or segments...again the colors have to be dynamic...

      I was able to draw circles(used action script UIComponent.graphics.drawCircle() to draw circles from the same center with different radius and used lineTo() to create the spokes on the circle) like the image in the URL above but neither I could write text insides the segments of the circle(ie .on each quadrilaterals) nor color the quadrilateral
      Can anyone please suggest a way to do this task..


      Color Wheel