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    Blur or  Smudge Tool Odd Behavior

      Having an odd problem with a brand new computer. Windows Vista on an HP Pentium Dual core, 4.5 GB memory, running Fireworks CS3, ver. When I try to use any of the tools under the Blur selector box, the tool cursor point on the screen (round, square, etc), jumps all over the place and is impossible to control. There is no accuracy, it skips & jumps. This also happens with the eraser, and the paint brush tool, but the pencil is fine.

      Anyone seen anything like this? Thanks.
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          pixlor Level 4
          Yes. The bitmap editing tools are not happy under Vista Aero.

          You can do one of two things. Turn off Aero completely or have Vista disable Aero only when Fireworks is running.

          For the latter,
          1) go to where Fireworks is installed, usually
          C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS3
          2) Right-click on Fireworks.exe and select Properties
          3) Select the the Compatibility tab
          4) Under Compatability mode label, select the checkbox for Run this program in compatability mode for: and select Windows XP (Service Pack 2) from the drop down box.
          5) Under the Settings label, check Disable desktop composition
          6) Click OK.

          Now, when you start up Fireworks, your system will flicker as Aero is disabled, but your bitmap tools will work. When you close Fireworks, your system will flicker as Aero returns.

          See also, discussion in this thread
          The post on 09/13/2008 by lallsopp claims that desktop composition does not need to be disabled, but I find that my bitmap tools do not work properly unless I do. You can try it both ways and see what works for you.

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            JillTW Level 1
            Thank you so much... I followed your instructions & get a message when starting Fireworks, "The color scheme has been changed to Windows Vista Basic....", and the bitmap tools work as they should. Thanks again, you saved me a great deal of aggravation!