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    I don't want to fix, tweak, adjust, or God forbid, REINSTALL anything.


      I bought Adobe Premier Elements 7 with a new Dell XPS Studio with MS Vista, 12 GB RAM, 1 TB of disk space, and 1GB of video RAM. It came pre-installed. PE7 barely runs. Most times, I do not get to the "Share" phase because PE7 says there is an unexpected error and shuts down. I even get MS Visual Studio C++ Runtime errors. The dialog says MS is looking for a "solution", but it never responds that one was found. Other times, the Open Project fails, so that I cannot even open a saved project. Very frustrating. Normal (i.e. non-esoteric) program usage like adding scene transitions, or merely clicking on the scene scroll bar also causes the program to crash, but even that is not the worst. The worst comes after three hours of video crunching, the disk write fails causing all that time to be lost.


      Even with my powerful PC, I've taken all the normal precautions-- I run nothing else concurrently, only on a fresh startup or re-boot etc., but none of this seems to have any effect.


      I cannot imagine how or why a company like Adobe would release a program like this that is so not ready for prime time.


      UPDATE: After hours of re-doing yet another project, the program failed while processing the video during pre-burn processing. After walking away from the computer, I returned to find it re-booted and now although Premier Elements itself will start, that project will no longer load, causing a fatal error that causes the program to close. I've once again lost hours.


      Frankly, I'm not in the mood for yet another lame "fix."  The program (pre-installed by Dell) does not work on a brand new, top-of-the-line Dell. I don't want to fix, tweak, adjust, or God forbid, REINSTALL anything. How can I get my money back?