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    Flash XML Nav

    Graphic Graeme Level 1


      Hey Everyone,



      I have created a dynamic accordion style navigation button using both Flash and XML.

      Everything is set up within a Movieclip called "movie1_mc" on the first keyframe of the Main timeline.

      Here is the code on the Main timeline:




      movie1_mc.onRollOver = function() {


      movie1_mc.onRollOut = function() {



      I have the XML loading at  keyframe 15 within that Movieclip which creates seven sub nav buttons.



      I'm having two issues as of now


      1) My Movieclip once rolledOver collapses if I try to select any one of the sub nav buttons

      2) When my Movieclip collapses the seven sub nav buttons are still there.


      Here's a link of where I'm at so far




      I'll post my files as well



      Thanks in advance