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    Push variables from one state to another....?

    leatherjeep Level 1



      I'm wondering if it is possible to have Flex carry a variable from one state to another.


      For example:


      In the base state let's say I have a data grid with photos, like shown in the Flex In A Week example.  If I wanted to have the user click on one of the images in the base state, and go to another state, let's call it a Profile State, and I wanted the click on the base state to push a couple of variables based on the photo clicked, to the profile state, so that I can then use those variables to do a remote data lookup based on those variables, to get the detail to populate the profile state, is this possible? 


      I didn't seem to get that from the Flex In A Week training.



      Many thanks for your help.



      Gary Niederhelman