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    Premiere's H264 plays with no image in Quicktime

    Frédéric Leclair Level 1

      I'm trying to export my feature for my sound editors to work on the movie and I used h264 360x240, Millions, 29.97, 2.93 mbits/sec export with Premiere's CS4 AME.


      I can play file back in Premiere and Windows Media Player, but not Quicktime.


      This could seem like a QT isue only, but my QT can play other h264.


      We tested this on my sound man's Mac and since QT manage video playback in whole OS he wasn't able to play that h264 file, but he could playback other 264 file with same encoding, but they where Sorenson 3 and not made with Premiere AME.


      Any know issues with Premiere or ADOBE in general regarding h264 encoding ?


      Thank you.


      Also, do you know any other format I could in the mean time (not flv) that would light as h264 or close enough for my sound man to work in Logic Pro ?