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    Video/Audio out of sync

    juskocf Level 1

      After searching for and reading on many of the out of sync posts, I still couldn't find a post that is similar to my case.  So I have to ask for your expertise advice.

      The footage in question is AVCHD 1920x1080i 25fps Upper field first, audio is 48KHz stereo. It plays no problem in Windows Media Player.

      Imported into PPro CS4 and dragged into timeline without any editing, click play and the video/audio are already out of sync.


      The project I created was the preset : AVCHD 1080i25 (50i).


      What Have I missed please ?



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          juskocf Level 1

          Could anyone offer some hints please ?



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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            You won't like it but...I recommend the use of I-frame only media.  DV for standard def, and DVCPRO HD or RED for high definition.  Temporally compressed formats do often present issues like this.

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              juskocf Level 1

              Thank you Jim for you reply.

              In the sequence settings, I did what you suggested, i.e. Editing Mode->DVCPROHD, but since my video is 1920x1080, I had to make it Desktop and changed the frame size and aspect ration to 1920x1080 16:9 and AR 1:1.  The Preview file format-> I frame only MPEG. But the result was the same, Video/Audio out of sync.


              The footage I am working with was  an HD TV recording using a Software called Total Media 3.5 and a hardware PCI TV card.  The video format is MPEG-TS and Codec AVCHD.  Audio format is AC3.


              Any ideas please ?