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    Button component breaks tabbing?

    Dan Griscom

      I'm building a complex movie using MX2004 and ActionScript 2. Problem: I can't get text tabbing to work, no matter how closely I control the situation using tabIndex, tabEnabled and tabChildren.


      While working to simplify a reproduction case, I've ended up with a movie that works, just having four Input Text TextFields hand-added to the timeline, no code involved. But, when I drag a Button from the Components window to the library, tabbing breaks. This is without even placing the Button on the timeline. Remove the Button from the library and it works again. Needless to say my project uses Buttons, and I'd rather not have to re-implement them.


      Let me say it again. In a generic, timeline-based movie with no ActionScript included, tabbing works between Input Text fields. But the mere act of adding a Button instance to the library, without the Button ever appearing in the timeline, breaks tabbing. I'm flummoxed: why would something being present in the library, without any appearance in the time line (nor any Actionscript to add it), have anything to do with the movie's functionality? True, adding the Button increases the size of the published .swf from 177 bytes to 27kB, but why would it break things when I'm not even using it?


      I've attached the broken movie. Open it and test it: tabbing won't work. Delete the Button from the library, test again: tabbing will work.


      Any ideas?



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          Dan Griscom Level 1

          I haven't had a response to this, and I haven't been able to fix it myself. Is my Flash installation somehow broken? Have other people had success with text field tabbing when there are Buttons present? (Would someone give my demo movie a shot and let me know if they see the same symptoms?)