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    Runtime image storage best practice ?

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      I have a question regarding the best place to store images that will be loaded at runtime. I understand the concept of having an assets folder within the project and keeping certain images as a part of the project itself, but what about storing images that are dynamic in that they not available at authoring, but are still loaded at runtime.


      The specific implementation is that I have an application that is configured by the user, and I want them to be able to assign their own images for icons on buttons (while still assigning default icon in case the image they've assigned is not found or is not compliant to the size requirements, etc). So where would be the best place to store images like this. There are a couple of other places in my project where I'll allow the user to place their own logos (such as the a control bar area etc) or other graphics withing the context of the UI so the question is not specific to buttons and icons.


      I hope my question makes sense, but I can be more specific if need be. Thanks in advance for your time.

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          You could use resource bundling mechanism for your Idea, depends on how many users will you have? because this approach requires to have compiled resource modules loaded at runtime, so for each custom set of stuff for one of your users you should invoke mxmlc compiler to build it's own custom resource module. Which you can load at runtime and overlap all same named resources already used in the application.


          And all you have to worry about that your resources named matched and resource bundle names must be equal too.

          If you are interested, dig into ResourceManager class and resource bundling mechanism.


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