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    Simple Flash site tutorial


      Hello All,


      I am new to designing sites in Flash. I'm using MX 2004.


      I found a tutorial on a simple flash website. It was going well until I tested the site in Flash.


      There are two buttons (home & about) Each button was given an action to go to a particular frame

      HOME = on (release) {


      ABOUT = on (release) {


      Frames 1 & 2 have stop actions on them. When I test the movie the buttons take me to the right frame but if I click the button again it takes me back to the starting point, so when I click about, I'm taken to the about page, but when I click about again, I'm taken to the home page!!!?


      Same thing for the Home page.


      The tutorial I used is here: http://www.tutorialized.com/view/tutorial/How-To-Make-A-Flash-Website/39363


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!