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    Adding transitions to Flash Photo Slideshow template?


      I'm working on generating a template i can use to just drop in photos from shoots for a blog where i discuss the types of projects my team does.


      I like the flash slideshow template because once it's all set up the way you want it you can just drop all the photos in on import.


      I got everything pretty much tweaked out how i want it - got rid of the controller ball and put the controls and counter on the frame, got it to auto start with the pause/play toggle working correctly (thanks to this forum)




      now i want to add a transition between photos.


      I'm thinking I want to extend the number of frames each photo is on stage for add a new layer with a white or black solid and have that fade in and out so that i really can just import in the new images in each time and not require more tweaking but i can't figure out how to change the advance code to say something like "current frame + 15" and set the counter up so it's not affected by the new frames...


      I'd like to leave the photo key frames as unmodified as possible so that in the future it really is just a question of dropping in new photos for each blog post...