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    Old code not working in 11.5


      For years I used the following code to open a .pdf file with a stand alone .pdf reader that does not require installation.


      open "resume.pdf" with "Foxit Reader.exe"


      When I converted the old director file from MX to 11.5 and tried to execute the code I received the following message in a dialog box:




      FoxitReader [-Register] [-NoRegister] [PDF filename] [-n ,Page Number>] {ImportFDF <FDF filename>]


      -n <Page Number> Specify most recently read page number.

      -Import FDF <FDF filename> Import the form data from the specified FDF file

      -Register Set Foxit Reader as default reader.

      -NoRegister Open Foxit Reader but won't set it as default reader.


      What is all this? I have used this same code since Director 8.0 with no issues. Can anyone explain this to me and how to fix it?