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    unload movieclip for view of rollover buttons...




      I have a question for you>


      Here is the set-up.


      I have a scene where there are 10 artist names. Each artist name is a button with a rollover image. The first artist name

      has an uploadMovie command in the timeline to show an image immediatly when the user opens the page.


      _root.attachMovie("anne_01", "screen",1);
      _root.screen._x =417.9;
      _root.screen._y =135.7;



      My question is> How do I unload that movieclip when the user scrolls over the nine remaining buttons?

      I know it is an unload command but I am not sure what the code should be or where I should put it.

      I have tried to put an unload command on the other buttons but I had no luck~


      Any ideas??


      Thank you in advance!