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    Premiere Pro 4.1 upgrade issue


      I installed the Premiere Pro 4.1 upgrade yesterday to my Windows XP desktop and my Windows Vista laptop.  Now my desktop version of Premiere Pro 4.1 seems to be completely hosed.


      I've tried to load a couple of existing projects.  They get stuck with the message "conforming 'filename.ext'" down in the lower right-hand corner.  The progress bar never changes from blank.  After waiting for a long time (15 minutes) I finally hit the mouse button and I get the "not responding" message at the top next to the project name.  I have to use Windows Task Manager to kill Premiere Pro to get out of it.


      The upgrade I ran yesterday indicated it had completed successfully so I didn't anticipate any issues with the install.


      Any ideas what I need to do so I can get back to work?






      HP Media Center PC m7170n

      Intel 3 GHz CPU

      Windows XP Professional ver. 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3

      3 Gigs RAM

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          djblev Level 1

          Also, my Premiere Pro is part of Production Premium CS4.  I also ran the upgrade for After Effects but nothing else.





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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Create a new project and import the existing one into it. It may help.

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              djblev Level 1

              Thanks, Harm.


              Following your suggestion, I created a new project and imported the entire existing project which seemed to go fine.  The result is a single bin with the name of the imported project.  I opened that bin and loaded the sequence that I need to edit.  At that point Premiere Pro again hangs with the "conforming filename.ext" message in the bottom left.


              After waiting for several minutes, I used Task Manager to kill PPro.



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                Jeff Bellune Level 5

                Then something is wonky with the media in that particular sequence.



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                  djblev Level 1

                  Here is an update.


                  Realizing I had not restarted my system since the upgrade yesterday, I rebooted (for lack of any other ideas).  That didn't seem to make a difference.


                  I tried to restore my system to the day before I performed the upgrade but I got a message that the system was unable to perform a successful restore.


                  I started Premiere Pro and loaded one of the projects I'm having trouble with (which so far has been all I've tried to load).  I sat and watched for awhile.  It conformed files but it was incredibly slow (about 45 minutes to an hour to complete) but it did just finishing conforming files.  I scrubbed my timeline and did some basic navigation around the timeline and source windows and everything seems to be functional right now.


                  I will make the revisions I need on this project and produce a revised DVD and see if I encounter any other problems.  I will update this post once I know more.





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                    djblev Level 1

                    My project has no audio since installing 4.1.  The Audio track has a red line all the way through the entire sequence.  I didn't notice it right away yesterday because I often edit with the audio track turned off until I export to DVD.


                    Now I'm sitting here staring at my timeline trying to figure out how to restore my audio without recreating the entire project from scratch.



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                      Eddie Lotter Level 4

                      Very carefully work through each step in these troubleshooting tips.

                      Don't skip a step because you think it's irrelevant, it might be the one step that solves (or points to) the problem.

                      Sometimes you will find that a completely different problem is masking the solution to the problem you are seeing. In other words there could be more problems than the one that is most visible.


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                        djblev Level 1

                        Thanks, Eddie.


                        I will work through these.  I just skimmed through them quickly and it looks like a lot of great information.