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    Variable height in component parts?

    Handycam Level 1

      I created a component design in Illustrator based on worst-case data (i.e. the longest text items I would need to handle).


      I bring it into FC, and save it for FB4.  However, some of the data is much, much lighter and the size of the repeating items in the List component look ridiculous (see attached).  Is there a way to set a component part's height to "auto"?


      If not, it's pretty limiting.

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          Nate B. Level 2

          Variable height and constraints didn't make the cut for Catalyst, so taking the project into Builder would be one solution.  For lists specifically, if you don't set the size of the dynamic objects in your repeated item, they'll resize to fit the content.  They'll still be clipped by the datagroup (repeated item window), though.  This beta doesn't have much support for multi-line text, so even though the text resizes, it still wouldn't fit the case you're encountering.


          You've hit on an area (variably sized data in an item renderer), that we're working to make easier.  So any suggestions you have would be very welcome.