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    Help with Reverse Animation On Button

      The buttons are animated with a movie clip inside each button and the movie clip plays on rollover, however I need this same movie clip inside the buttons to play reversed, when the cursor is moved away from the button.
      I know how to do this with an instance but I already made each button and fooled around a thousand times with the animation and I do not wish to start over again!
      I have only experimented with this type of action script before and I must say I am a little lost =(
      Can anyone help me as to how I would go about doing this ?
      Any coding would help.

      I know there is a simple way of doing it with action script, but I have no more time to fool around and I need your assistance =P
      If you could supply the code it would help me out.
      (I can modify it to work with my page and my buttons)
      Just need something to work off of.

      Maybe a code I can put on the button, or whatever you can come up with.

      For future reference,
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Without knowing the details of what you have created, or the code you have attempted to use, the best I can offer at the moment is to say you need to have the reverse playing code of the movieclip get triggered by the mouse out event and not stop stepping back down the timeline until the _currentframe value reaches 1. If another mouse over should occur, then it's your decision as to whether it picks up from where it has stepped back to or starts from frame 1.

          Starting over again is often the better approach, since what you may have created may not be able to facilitate directing things to play in reverse.
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            coffincup Level 1
            Believe it or not, that helps.
            I don't think I need to start over, I can just put the reverse animation after the forward animation on the timeline and use the mouse out function to play from the keyframe the reverse animation starts on when the mouse is moved away.
            Thanks for your help.