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    slide transition not smooth when using a continue button


      Hopefully someone can help me with this issue. I'm not new to Captivate, but cannot resolve this one on my own. I'm using CS4.


      I've created a Captivate movie that has a combination of software simulation and simple slides that have a caption on them. The ones with the captions also include a continue button that pauses the movie so the user can read the information and then when they click the continue button, the movie continues. Simple enough. The problem is when I playback the movie, the slides that have a continue button blink when transitioning from one slide to the next. It looks like the background image (same on all slides) is blinking, which it should not. The settings are set not to transition, so it looks smooth.


      The slides that do not have a button transition just fine, looking as if it is one continuous slide. This blinking is quite annoying and distracts from the smooth transition of the rest of the movie. Has anyone else noticed this, and have you found a solution to fix it?


      Thanks in advance,


      Stevie G