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    Customizing Error Messages

    lmcrun19 Level 1

      I have a button in my a application. If the user presses the button before the application has finished loading they recieve an actionscript error. Is there a way to customize the error message so the user can recieve my personal error message instead of the actionscript one. Thanks.

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          John Hall Level 4

          Not sure of your specific issues but you could make the visible of the button false until application complete and in your app tag have something like


          applicationComplete = "myButton.visible = true"

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            leybniz Level 4

            direct answer - no you can't customize exceptions globally,

            but you could wrap most suspicious code using

            try {} catch (e:Errot) {};

            caught an error and handle it manually.


            BTW: Exceptions will pops up from content debugger FP only, on production FP your application will silently fail and in most cases stop to behave as expected, so your super aim is to avoid any exceptions in your code, if you care about proper functioning


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