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    Adding event listeners to an array collection for lazy loading?

    CDawsonChicago Level 1



      Thanks for reading, how is it that one goes about adding event listeners to an Array Collection with an outside dataProvider?


      The idea here is like a datagrid, where if you give it a dataProvider [an array collection], anytime that dataProvider is updated in any way, it's reflected automatically in the grid [via events].


      I'd like to do the same. I have a component that takes an outside dataprovider [tied to other things my component shouldn't even know about], and I'd like to add event listeners that, as elements are lazily loaded into the outer array collection, my component's dataprovider will also update.


      I've added Collection Events onto my component's dataProvider, but they never seem to fire even though the outer data provider has changed.


      Any hints/suggestions are hugely appreciated. Thanks!