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    System.security trouble

    macrunning30 Level 1


      I hope someone can help me out. I am having some trouble with the following code:





      I read thru the help in Flash to allow for both subdomain access and https to http access and from what I understood the previous 2 lines of code should do the trick, but they don't.


      I have a flash navigation that is consistent thru ought the website at http://www.fowlerdodge.com. It will not work however when I access both the https://www.fowlerdodge.com domain and the http://connect.fowlerdodge.com domain.


      I have tried to place the previous action script in the flash files but they do not appear to be working for me.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.





      p.s. it is unfortunate that I cannot get any help on this forum, not even from Adobe since it has been ongoing for quite some time now. I have had trouble on multiple websites with this and it is just one of many reasons I do not use Flash any longer.