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    Preserving Hyperlinks


      I wish to preserve the hyperlinks in a Word doc when converting to PDF.  Your article on the subject ( http://go.adobe.com/kb/ts_328556_en-us) says this:


      Resubmit the Word document, and select Enable Tagged PDF Generation in the Conversion Settings dialog box. The Create Tagged PDF option is available only if you have a paid subscription to Create Adobe PDF Online. 


      I therefore bought the premium subscription, but there's no sign of a Conversion Settings dialog box on my screen. In fact, the screen is no different than when I was a "free" subscriber. I just spent 37 minutes on the phone with a kind gentlemen in Customer Support who had no idea how to help--but he really tried until we were abruptly cut off.


      I MUST make this conversion in the next hour. Please help!


      Thank you!